While the pressure to be thin is year round, there are certain months that certainly feel like crunch time. These months are also known as bathing suit season—a wholly made up season because women didn’t feel bad enough. But hey, this is why weight loss supplements exist!

And thank the good Lord they do because without these babies, whatever shall we do? Weight loss supplements come in all forms and it’s nice to get to know them a little bit before biting the bullet. These are some of the more popular ones:


a natural appetite suppressant. An herbal product most famous for saturating the market early on in the supplements game. An online search for hoodia will garner a collective statement of “Buy this hoodia pill! Not that!”


a plant that is inherent to the Amazon rainforest. It’s black beans are said to have double the caffeine of a coffee bean which I’m sure you know is a weight loss supplement in itself. What’s anxiety and palpitations, as long as you’re thin right?

Weight Loss Supplements



Weight Loss Supplements


one of the functions of chromium is to facilitate the movement of insulin into the blood stream. It is obviously used for diabetes medication but also, weight loss supplements or muscle building supplements. What a combination!

Apple Cider Vinegar

long believed as a most natural way of suppressing appetite. But recently there have been studies that show a peculiar finding; people who ingest the vinegar in the liquid form carry out the effects naturally, but people who prefer the apple cider vinegar tablet are experiencing adverse effects. A puzzling case of vinegar elitism, I bet!

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)– a fatty acid naturally found in small amounts in milk. This is believed to be a popular among weight loss supplements as it is thought to decrease body fat and increase muscle mass. That just makes me want to sing its praises—it’s like winning the lottery.


is found in crustacean shells, of all places! It is believed to prohibit the absorption of fat in the body. It’s like hearing a Christmas choir sing to you in the middle of spring (cue collective sighing of the crowd).

weight loss supplementsBitter Orange

though quite popular in the market, this is also the diva of the appetite suppressant game. Bitter orange cannot be taken in conjunction to any other chemical in order to work—it demands your true loyalty all day every day. So if you’re the kind to obsessively be all about something that promises a lifetime of pain in the neck, you just have to meet bitter orange, dah’ling, you must meet!

So there you have it, the leading magical substances in weight loss supplements. No brand names mentioned though, that would only be too tacky, you know? I suggest you buy a couple, rent a DVD with a really thin lead actress and no storyline whatsoever and concentrate on thinking thin, and being thin—after all, exercise is for the poor dah’ling.